Why do I feel so numb
I used to be so strong
But now it feels so wrong

You took all my powers away
And on this earth you forced me to stay
You took my happiness away from me
And instead you gave stability

But it don’t feel right at all
I’m still longing for the fall
I still miss the high
And I could tell you a million reason why

Nowadays all I feel is nothing
Not a high, not a low, not a single thing
But you said I should be happy
Because I ain’t the person I used to be

But Lithium
Why do I feel so numb
I used to be so strong
But now it feels so wrong

You think you can save me from myself
But what’s the point if you can’t be yourself
I try so hard to stay positive
But I need to breathe so I can live…



I’ve never seen you look better
Than the way you do sober
For the first time in years
You seem to have no fear

Have you gotten rid of all your demons
Or are they still haunting you to pieces
You look so good but are you pretending
You make it look so easy my darling

All those years fighting the mirror
But you could never stay sober
You tried it all
But that mirror on the wall
Never complimented you
The way alcohol and drugs do

Don’t get me wrong
I think you are so strong
And so much stronger
Than those who said you wouldn’t do better



You are a fighter
A warrior
This fight you own it
On you they ain’t got shit
This life is rough
So you gotta be tough
You are important and wise
It might rain but the sun will still rise
Just like you are going to wake up tomorrow morning
That’s that most important thing
You will wake up and fight some more
Because that’s what life is for
I just want you to know
I think it’s too early for you to go
So do the world a favour
And stay with us forever
You’re so brave for still being here
So smile and please have no fear
Change what you can and fuck the rest
Keep on going on and give it your best



Did you know that inside of us lives a monster?
He’s the one in your head making your fears bigger
He tells you all those bad things
Making you think you’re bad at everything
But you can’t believe a word
Have positive thoughts and keep moving forward
Life is a long journey
and this monster will be with you for infinity
So put him in his place and show him who’s the boss
I promise it won’t be a big loss
You have so much willpower don’t let it destroy you
Believing in yourself is all you got to do
Show me that beautiful smile
and try to keep it for a while

Can’t let go

I am stuck in a body
Where there’s no way I can be me
They feed me medication
and call this life a vacation

But this ain’t no dream to me
This ain’t where I want to be
But they’d never dare to ask
Because they don’t want me to unmask

I live life day to day
Without ever having a say
I fallow their tracks
And they keep saying they have my back

But when the sun goes down
I am the only one to breakdown
Because I refuse to let myself free
Maybe one day I will let it be…

Fixing My Brain

Have a mental disorder
Is not something easy to cure
Because even the doctor
Can’t really tell if you’re doing better

They can’t see in your head
So they ask questions instead
But explaining how you feel and think
Doesn’t always makes it easy to do the link

You take medications until you’re stable
But for some that’s a goal that is impossible
I just wish they could fix my brain
Operate on it until I feel sane…

You’re Alive

I want you to go stand outside and breathe
Realize you’re alive and standing on your feet
This is a privilege many won’t get to witness
Go see a love one and give them a kiss

You’re a miracle of the universe
But you’re a human being first
You have the power to think and to communicate
Don’t let this ability become full of hate

Choose to think positive
And to let go of the negative
You have only one life to live after all
So go out there and give it your all!


I am not Bipolar. I have Bipolar Disorder.


They keep saying I am bipolar ,
But I am not my disorder.
I do have an illness you cannot see,
But that gives you no right to call me crazy.

I do in fact have bipolar disorder,
and I will eventually get better.
I will have to take medications forever,
and fallow therapy that’s for sure.

But I ain’t somebody I’m not,
and I do overthink everything a lot.
But I am the kindest soul you’ll ever meet,
We could talk for hours, come and have a seat..


When It Hurts… (Motivation Video)

“A vision is about what you’re here to create,
A vision that really works is the one that excites you.
It’s gotta have something that has the power to pull you,
not something you have to push yourself to do.
Those are 2 kinds of motivation.
Push requires will power and will power never lasts.
What will last is pull;
having something so exciting, so attractive.
Something you desire so much that you have a hard time going to sleep at night
and you get up so early in the morning to rock it and take it to the next level!”